Women’s Self-defence

This course is recommended for women of all ages. Even if only one of our female participants saves her life as a result of this training, we believe all the efforts and resources put into this workshop would be worthwhile.

ASMA's Self Defense Workshop For Women aims to:

  • Train women in the most practical self-defense techniques and empower them to be independent, so that they remain safe at all times without relying on outside help.
  • Give women the much-needed self-confidence, mental and physical strength to stay calm and composed even in life-threatening emergencies.
  • Provide an enriching experience that also results in increased focus & productivity, an excellent way to de-stress and initiate them towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Sensei Nikhil Trivedihas received specialized instructor-level training in women's self defense from London. Ever since the Nirbhaya incident in December 2012, he has taken an active stand to empower women through highly focused self-defense workshops. Hence this ASMA endeavour to make our mothers, sisters and daughters more secure was born.

We have conducted several such Women Self Defense Workshops over the last several months, training a wide spectrum of women - from college girls at NIFT, to women scientists and corporate employees, and even homemakers wanting to learn how to protect themselves. It has been observed at every occasion that they become more confident, composed and secure after receiving this life-saving training.

ASMA regularly holds 1- or 2-day dedicated workshops in corporates for the benefit of their female employees. If you are interested to hold such a workshop in your organization, kindly get in touch with us here.

Our Women's Self Defense Workshop typically includes these training modules:

  • Body fitness & movement: Carefully chosen exercises for women to improve physical fitness, core strength, agility, and to reduce body fat & stress.
  • Karate: Learning hand strikes, kicks & defensive techniques for a quick response in combat situation.
  • Spirit Combat: A modern British martial art that teaches escaping techniques from various grips of an opponent. Especially useful for women and highly interesting to learn.
  • General Guidelines & Precautions: Being constantly aware of surroundings, Do's & Don'ts of traveling alone or when sitting alone in a parked car or at home, etc.
  • Haajar so hathiyaar: Learning to use trivial things like a comb, pen, car-keys, hairpin, umbrella, etc as effective weapons.

Testimonial - Piramal Health Care

"On 16th & 17th May 2013, we had 2 very good sessions of self defense programme for our female scientists. We would like to appreciate all the efforts done by you (Sensei Nikhil) and your team members for this programme. This workshop enabled all our staff members to learn the techniques of self defense and would be very helpful in their day-to-day life. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful workshop and thank you for all your support."

- Shabu Thomas - Senior HR Manager at Piramal