Dojo Training

'Dojo' is the 'revered place where we practice martial arts'; in other words: Martial arts training centre. The Dojo provides the correct environment and space to grasp, practice and perfect the martial art techniques.

ASMA has currently five such Dojo's in Ahmedabad city, where the students train in the Karate. Students are also taught techniques of martial arts like Kickboxing and Spirit Combat, Thang- ta, and weaponry, however the focus remains on practicing Karate.

The student's journey into learning Karate begins with the White Belt. He is initially taught the first moves and techniques, along with the basic principles, disciplinary code-of-conduct and martial art spirit required to be a Karateka (Karate student). As the Karateka gets a good grasp on the fundamental techniques and stances, he is gradually taught the more advanced techniques - Kata's and Yaksu-Kumite's - and appears in exams for the higher Belts. He also learns how to actually fight in the Jyu-Kumite combat, once he achieves a certain level of technical accuracy.

As the student becomes adept at the advanced techniques, while displaying the right martial art conduct and attitude, he attains the higher Belts - Yellow, Green, Brown and finally the coveted Black Belt!

Training of weapons like Nun-chaku and Li Chei (cane sticks) is also imparted to the senior grade students.

In essence, ASMA does not make us merely physically fit, mentally tough and technically proficient, but also teaches us to practice this sacred art in the intended way. All this learning is continuous and does not stop at any stage for any student, irrespective of belt or grade. Hence we have senior Black Belts who continue to train and practice at the Dojo, several years after attaining their Black Belts!