Sujivan Wellness

This course offers high value for every householder; the aim is to bring Sujivan - The Goodness - back to one's life. The progress of the world has ushered a new life style which has brought many unwanted gifts like stress, conflict, discord, ill health and so on.

If we look back forty years, our fathers and forefathers have had a much happier & healthier life. There were no such ultra modern hospitals, no high-speed cars, no refrigerators or air conditioners to keep them cool; still they were certainly, much happier, healthier than we are today. There were no microwave ovens or fast food but their diet was wholesome & health giving. There were neither cell phones nor internet that could connect them to the rest of the world in an instant; still they were closely connected with their relatives & friends, their own selves and to the divine source... Once there prevailed trust, harmony, warmth and bond amongst families however big they were. Today, the family ties are weakening and so is the trust, harmony and warmth. Perhaps the answer lies in our own great culture.

During this course, topics like Relationship management, Art of parenting, Seven Fundamentals for Wellness that promote good health, Abundance awareness, Comfort zones, Breathing, Daily Yoga routine, etc. would be explored. At the end of the course there will be a sense of awareness and direction that shall bring that joy, wellness & contentment back into your life.

Who should attend: Adults between ages of 25 - 50.