Healing Course

The modern lifestyle of the 21st century has brought us many gifts, including that of various diseases! Medication, hospitalization and surgery can be very expensive, troublesome and sometimes even unnecessary.Added to thatis the danger of painful side effects.

Fortunately the great seers of yore had devised several simple, natural healing methods to elevate human sufferings. These methodsutilize the same cosmic energy to heal a patient that pervades every atom in the universe. This energy is called 'Prana' in Sanskrit and it is thisvital forcethat gives life to all living beings. Healing through harnessing the 'Prana' works at the root of the ailment.

There are many time-tested and effective methods of healing, out of which we have specifically chosen Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acupressure and Body therapy-Scientific Massage. In our experience, a combination of more than one of these healing modalities can produce amazing results even in acute and chronic ailments. It works well on asthma, back pain, depression, high blood pressure and even cancer!

Sensei Nikhil Trivedi, the force behind this movement of humanitarian and holistic approach to healing, has touched and transformed many lives.

Sensei has received training from internationally renowned masters and has interacted with scores of healers of different healing systems across the globe. He undertook Advanced Master level courses in Pranic Healing under the legendary Grandmaster ChoaKokSui of the Phillipines. Sensei also became a Master in Reiki after learning from the well-known Reiki Master, Shri P. D. Patel who is one of the first 2 Reiki Masters of India!

For those who are interested in learning from Sensei Nikhil, we hold periodical seminars in Reiki, Pranic Healing and other Healing modalities in Ahmedabad, India.These seminars are always held in a friendly, peaceful environment with a small group of participants.We also provide comfortable accommodation to international participants for the duration of the course.

We are also open to holding such Healing Seminars around the world. If you wish to organizesuch a seminar, kindly call or write to us. Our contact details can be found here.

Here are some people who have experienced the wonder of Sensei Nikhil's expert healing hands:

I had a severe back pain for more than five years. Especially after a night's sleep it used to get so bad that it used to be agonizing for meto rise from the bed. One of my friends then told me about Sensei Nikhil and his healing prowess. One fine morning, I decided to approach him for help and hence received his treatment as a patient. He used Acupressure first, carefully applying pressure tothe appropriate points on the body. Later I alsoreceived the powerful Pranic Healingfrom him. I felt energy sensations all around my body and soon I felt as if all my burden was being lifted. It was so soothing and relaxing. But I still had my doubts- I wasn't sure whether the pain had gone for good or not. I got up the next day expecting usual pain in my body, but lo..There was no sign of any pain! I was cured! After that one-time treatment, an entire year has passed and still I'm free from pain!

Later I attended his two-dayReiki seminar to become my own doctor and help my close ones. It was a fantastic exposure in esoteric science.

Vijay Gajjar,52 year-oldStructural Engineer.

Hello Mr. Trivedi, greetings from Hungary! Hope you remember me. We were together in a Yoga seminar, and I was suffering from a very bad knee pain due to the two injuries I sustained during skiing back in Europe. For years I could not sit in cross-legged position. Doctors advised surgery. You treated my knee with some healing method that you termed 'Pranic Healing'. From the next session onward, I could sit with my legs crossed! The pain in my knees was gone!

And so, I believe you have done some magic to my knees! Thank you very much for the divine healing!

- KatalinKoncz, Budapest