Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a general term given to the fighting methods of different countries. Karate, Kung- fu, Judo, Kick boxing and hundreds of others, fall under the umbrella of martial arts.


Karate-Do is among the world's most practiced martial arts. It originated in the small island of Okinawa, next to Japan, and was developed further to its grand modern state by some of the greatest martial arts experts.

The literal translation of Karate is Empty Hands. It thus is a martial art that utilizes only the body's energy and technique to overpower the opponent, without the use of weapons or such foreign objects to attack.

Various techniques such as punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and open-hand chops are taught that target the weak vital points of the human body. Some styles of Karate also include grappling, locks, restraints, throws and other such techniques. A karate practitioner or student is called a Karateka.

There are many sub systems in Karate like- Goju ryu, Shito ryu, Wado Ryu, Shotokan, etc. We at ASMA train the students in the Goju-Ryu (Hard-and-Soft style) style of Karate.!

Karate chop


Kickboxing is among the most popular martial arts today, and hardly needs an introduction. Sensei Nikhil received instructor’s training in kick boxing from London, long back in 1985, and introduced this energetic art to Gujarat, much before most people here had heard its name!

Kickboxing is essentially an extension of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and it combines powerful kicks with the beautiful sport of boxing. It is often practiced for general fitness, but is an excellent contact sport martial art for self-defense situations. It requires developing lots of physical strength, stamina, flexibility and agility to learn and enjoy. In fact, Kickboxing fights, apart from being entertaining, can be quite instructive to just watch since they skillfully combine aggression, technical excellence and grace.

Kickboxing is among the most fun and easy martial sports to learn, especially if taught by a specialist instructor like Sensei Nikhil Trivedi!

Spirit Combat

Spirit Combat is a recently developed British martial art by our Grandmaster 'Soke' Brian Dossett, holder of the 10th Dan Black Belt. Sensei received instructor-level training in Spirit Combat from Grandmaster himself in London, 27 years ago. It would be safe to say that Sensei Nikhil was the first to introduce this innovative, easy-to-grasp and immensely enjoyable martial art in the entire country, way back in 1985!

Spirit Combat is a modern, highly practical self-defense art which was principally derived from Aikido. It includes the basic skills of escaping, throwing, falling, rolling and grabbing. Students learn in a one-to-one 'opponent' format, after watching practical demonstrations by the instructor.

One of Spirit Combat's biggest plus-points is that it is a very useful self-defense art to apply in combat situations, with an array of extremely practical techniques. Moreover no prior learning or understanding of any martial art is required to learn it. Spirit Combat can be learnt by one and all, irrespective of age or gender. It is amazingly simple, great fun to watch and learn, and is a cherished favourite of all ASMA students!

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