Sensei's of ASMA

Sensei Amruta Trivedi


She Started Learning Karate at tender age of three under her illustrious father Sensei Nikhil. From the beginning, she has been a keen learner, highly focussed and obedient. She showed good grasp over complicated techniques of variety of martial arts; especially Kata which is considered as the heart of Karate. Now, after 20 years of arduous practice, it is a treat to the eyes to see her performing advanced Katas. No wonder she is considered to be an excellent teacher, since over two decades she has keenly observed her father imparting quality training. In the history of ASMA, rarely anyone has been so fortunate to be able to stay in the proximity of the Master for such a long period- In all the camps, all the Dojos, all the trainings, meetings, functions, Sensei Amruta was there to learn, adopt and to contribute. At the age 11, she became the youngest girl to become a Black Belt in the state. While still in School, apart from her regular martial arts training; she started learning Aerobics and became one of the youngest to get trainer's certificate by Reebok U.S.A. After completing her masters in commerce, she did a course in Journalism & many of her articles appeared in the Times of India. In the line of all fitness activities she also took up Yoga and like both her parents she became a Yoga teacher after intensive Yoga training she received from many Ashrams and at home. She once again proved her strength by getting Gold medal (a first rank) in her YTTC - Yoga Teacher's training Course; where people from many nationalities participated. Continuing her winning streak,she also completed the international CCY course with flying colours, from the world renowned Kaivalyadhama institute in lonavla. Today, with her wide range of knowledge, exceptional flexibility and ability to show right exercise to address right muscle group- she is one of the most sought after Fitness experts of the city. Currently she teaches martial arts at all ASMA Dojos as well as Aerobics at several fitness studios. She represents ASMA on many fronts, taking ASMA to a greater height. We at ASMA are fortunate to have such a precious jewel as a source of inspiration for our young students and even their parents.

Sensei Srinivas Rajan


Some 20 years ago a thin, young, south Indian boy following his inner voice came all alone to ASMA'S Shreyas Dojo. His peers and family members believed he was a brat of a boy, bubbling with excessive energy, when he joined ASMA at 12. No one knew that one day he will go on to become a Karate Sensei in the years to come. For one complaint or the other the school principal had to call his parents almost every week. The turning point in this young brat's life was joining ASMA! There were many challenges that layed ahead but gradually he emerged triumphant in all. He was bestowed with utmost dedication, perseverance, loyalty and selfless service. These virtues made him worthy of receiving the knowledge & love from his master, Sensei Nikhil. In the 'space' of ASMA, his personality transformed, his being evolved and his bountiful energy was fruitfully channelized. He was twice elected as a General Secretary of his school, which is quite rare in their history. He continued his regular Dojo training even whenhis crucial 12th Board exams were underway, and yet scored a superb 99% in mathematics! Once he saw a beggar lying on the street with very high fever near his school. Touched by the beggar's suffering he requested the people around to help in taking him to the hospital; instead passerby's simply laughed at him. So he by himself lifted the beggar, put him in an auto rickshaw and took him to a nearby hospital.Unfortuntely the condition of the poor man was such that upon reaching the hospital, he took his last breath! But the guts, efforts, concern and humanity shown by young Srinivas Rajan is an example for all of us.

After his degree in Engineering and MBA he took up a high-profile job in the renowned multi-national corporate Siemens. Soon he was the the shining star of his company and quickly climbed the corporate ladder.Srinivas travelled to many countries representing his company, but wherever he may be, he does not forget his ASMA roots. His bond over the last twenty years with Sensei Nikhil and ASMA is such that he makes it a point to be with us as many times in a year as possible. For the last two years he is working in Seimens - Beijing, in China. Bearing the good intent of ASMA in his heart, Srinivas learnt the art of Kung fu in Beijing, and later shared its profound knowledge and training with our students in a Summer Camp. He is very much a core part & parcel of the ASMA family and we always look forward for his visit to India. He has shown us all how one can remain in constant connection with their master even while physically staying thousands of miles away!