We are humbled that there are so many people whose lives we’ve touched, and who have expressed their amazement, gratitude and support in so many different ways. We wish we could publish the kind words of all of them.

However the essence of what they say can be captured in just these single-word exclamations: Rejuvenating! Relaxing! Excellent! Commendable! Memorable! Harmonious! Highly effective! Great fun! Peaceful and serene! Just WOW…!

People like Sensei Nikhil who have given their life in attaining excellence in their respective fields are hard to find. And when one has someone like Sensei Nikhil in our own city one must recognize encourage and get inspired by his deeds both as an athlete and now as a coach who is spreading the message of martial arts across Ahmedabad and Gujarat. I wish him and his team the very best and hope that he can inspire many more like him to live a clean, disciplined and most importantly meaningful life.
Geet Sethi Renowned 7-Time World Billiards Champion
In my first meeting I was struck with his demeanour, he was very unusual. Instinctively & instantly I took the decision to enroll my elder son in his karate class. 3 months later, I joined. 2 years & 4 karate camps later, I was feeling great. The training has brought back my health and good spirit, which was lost in the combative and pressured world of business. I wish I had found ASMA earlier.

The kind of training that Sensei Nikhil offers through ASMA is a complete martial arts training, infused with Yoga, Culture and right living. The training at ASMA and association with Sensei, in my belief, would create a solid foundation for our children to become strong and able - Men & women, the kind that our country and the world require.
Upendra Rungta Businessman aged 39, yet among the most enthusiastic students at ASMA
I always feel short of words for Sensei.

Sensei for me is an epitome of excellence and perfection. He was destined to change lives and so Arjun School of Martial Arts came into existence. To develop such an institution, to transform lives of thousands of students, and bring martial arts to such heights is a gigantic feat in itself. I have always idolized him as a true martial artist, philanthropist and teacher. .

I joined ASMA as a child but I grew into a mature individual only under Sensei’s guidance. Sensei’s mere presence in the dojo does wonders for the energy and spirit of the group. I always look up to his brief speech at the end of every dojo the reason being that there’s always lot to learn from those few minutes. Apart from the extraordinary training he imparts, I think more importantly he intricately carves one’s personality in a unique way. I have learnt to be humble, helpful and philanthropic and at the same time have become strong, courageous and fearless towards all aspects of life. .

It is said that very few people are fortunate to get a true master and I feel elated to realize that I am one of them.
Kerul Prajapati A Black Belt and a medical student
Will forever be indebted to our friends Taral & Tejal for introducing us to ASMA & Sensei Nikhil Trivedi. I feel my son Aman is very lucky to have a GURU like Sensei, who does not only impart them training for Martial Arts, but instills GREAT human values in each and every student of his. He teaches them so much more about life & being good humans, that it seems Martial Arts is like an added bonus. It is not only well trained Martial artists that come out of ASMA, but it is some great human beings that come out from here, who make this world a better place to live.
Ajay Kurseja Director – ITTI, shares his happiness and enthusiasm for his son being a part of ASMA
His belief in me has made me believe, that I can do things that I couldn’t have done before. I always look up to him as my role model, and the quality I like most about him is his composure. Under whatsoever amount of pressure, he manages to remain calm and collected, I just wish I could be like him.
Srikant Nair Engineering student and ASMA’s black belt
For us it was an out of the world experience. Both of us were skeptical about joining Mihir on this camp. Sensei Nikhilbhai had planned very interesting activities for the parents as well. Yoga sessions in the morning were very rejuvenating. Treks in the jungle were great fun. And of course the Girnar climb was the ultimate experience. What we like the most was the co-operation and unity among the students. It was like a family. It was very nice to see the seniors taking care of juniors. There was lot of discipline but at the same time the children were enjoying every activity and the company of each other. We felt that other than martial arts, children are learning so many good things! First is they learn to respect and obey elders. They learn to become independent in these camps, as they have to manage everything on their own without their parents. Also a very important thing is that children learn how to seek joy in small things. We think this was the most unique experience for both of us and we’ll cherish the memories of this event for many years to come…
Dr. Ujjwala A leading DentistDr. Dillip Mavlankar Professor - IIM-A, were among some highly distinguished and enthusiastic participants.
ASMA is an institution which prepares children to become stable, balanced and compassionate. Shri NIkhil Trivedi is not just a teacher, he is an ideal for my son and lot others. At ASMA even we have learnt a lot as parents. It is one big family which teaches care, concern and consciousness.
Kajal Oza VaidyaRenowned author & columnist
As I reflect on my daughter’s journey as a ‘Karate Kid’ and more so on her growing up as an independent, self-confident adolescent, I realize that her Sensei Nikhil Trivedi has not only had a deep influence on her dedication to Martial Arts but also the development of her personality and most importantly the source of her true happiness. The spirit of ASMA is what makes the individual blossom from an impressionable, untrained kid to a disciplined, dedicated, team-spirited, happy individual. Over so many years, the ASMA camps that have been ‘raved’ about by all, have managed to retain that spirit of camaraderie and develop a healthy sense of competition - without letting the ugliness of rivalry seep in. Besides Sensei and his team of seniors, Seemaben has played a pivotal role in ensuring the creation of a safe, healthy and memorable environment for each camp.

Sensei Nikhil Trivedi is a role model who has influenced many. However what is even more important is that he has created a cadre of individuals who are capable of taking the baton forward.

I hope my daughter is able to continue to learn the many nuances of Martial Arts and Life, by being a part of the ASMA family for years to come.
Kirtida Oza Mother of our young and talented black belt Anushka Oza
Sensei Nikhil, has brought glory to our nation in foreign countries and it makes me feel proud of being his student. No other words I can find to praise the achievement of sensei and ASMA. During my close contact with Sensei as a “karateka" during 1989-1993, I learnt many good things, which are helping me today being a good pharmacist, a good businessman, a good father and husband and above all a good human being. And once again, I owe a lot to ASMA and to sensei. As a matter of fact, I would love to have my both boys come to Sensei and get some good training.

I wish Sensei’s glorious journey and achievements never come to an end and I would like to be a part of this journey wherever I can.
Digesh Thaker Our student, now a pharmacist from New York
ASMA has a totally different culture which is rare these days. I was amazed to see the discipline, dedication and toughness of the ASMA students. Nikhil sir has also inculcated the values of life, which make them a complete human being. Sir’s lectures on The Art of parenting, Spiritual healing, Nature in Crisis etc. were very informative and thoughtful.
Rekha Patel A home-maker and the mother of our student Yashovardhan
We had forgotten all the childlike innocence; like playing in the rains, sitting on bare sand or rock, climbing trees etc. In the camp, we rediscovered the child in ourselves. We felt that we are still a student. We came as a parent but returned a student!
Shri Samir IT ProfessionalRupal Thakkar Yoga teacher, parents of Ayush our student

We hope that some day, you too become a part of ASMA and experience its marvel!