Corporate Wellness Programs

It is well known that Human Resources, i.e. the people are the biggest assets for any successful organization. It is therefore important for organizations like yours to focus on developing your people and keeping them motivated to deliver better and bigger things for your organization.

With that intent in mind, allow us to tell you about ourspecial Corporate Wellness Program that focuses on physical & mental fitness as a means to improving the work-life balance for employees as well as providing an outlook for overall well being. We strongly believe that a healthy employee will lead to a stronger and more mature workforce.

The methodology of this program will be a blend of physical and mental exercises to help theemployees improve their physical & mental fitness. It is equally beneficial for women who have been facing relentless challenges in the society as well as for mento channelize their energies in a positive direction.

This program is not an answer to all problems but a promising start towards 'Sujivan'- a good life. We look forward to a long-term association with you, our corporatepartners, in engaging with your employees from time-to-time to enable you to become a fit organization.

This program can be customized as per your requirements and can be imparted to all levels of management with specific focus areas relevant for the target audience.

Good people - Great Organization

Focus Areas

  • Fitness through Yoga & Martial Arts
  • Team building & cooperative work culture
  • Improving Self-confidence
  • Increased focus & productivity
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict management
  • Self-Defense techniques
  • Heightened moral & energy levels
  • Awareness on food habits
  • Inter-personal relationships
  • Moral values, Laws of Karma etc

About Us

Sujivan is the sister institution of Arjun School of Martial Arts, founded by Sensei Nikhil Trivedi. This Corporate Wellness Program combines the very best of these 2 sister organizations to provide the most holistic, well-rounded and balanced training to your employees.

Sujivan is an organization with a spectrum of activities that touch the?human life positively. The word 'Sujivan' is comprised of two Sanskrit syllables:'su' and 'jivan'. 'Su' represents goodness and 'jivan' means life. Hence Sujivan is related to anything and everything that enhances the goodness in life! Visit www. for more details.

Please feel free to contact us for such a program in your organization.

Starting of a session..
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