ASMA – The Saga


At the age of 19, while still in college, Sensei Nikhil Trivedi began teaching martial arts to over 100 of his fellow students, and thus began ASMA’s journey...


As a fresh graduate, Sensei Nikhil moved to the town of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and opened four dedicated martial arts centres, the training of which became the benchmark in Gujarat and Sensei became a household name in Bhavnagar.


Sensei Nikhil trained a special task force of the Gujarat Police.


Sensei received his Black Belt degree and visited the UK for the first time, where he met the legendary Grandmaster Prof. Brian Dossett in London. Sensei Nikhil received many honors there including 21 certificates in 7 different martial arts, all in 4 months’ time! He was also the recipient of the reputed "Giants International" and "Sanskar" awards. Additionally Sensei introduced the now-popular martial art of Kickboxing as well as Spirit Combat, a highly practical British martial art, in Gujarat.


ASMA’s headquarters were shifted to the city of Ahmedabad.


Sensei became the first person in the world outside Manipur to learn the secret martial art of ‘Thang-ta’ – the Art of Sword and Spear.


Sensei’s second visit to UK saw him receiving advanced master-level training and the 4th Dan Black Belt degree.


Sensei conducted a unique Yoga and martial arts course in Nairobi, Kenya.


Sensei’s third visit to the UK culminated in him receiving the coveted 5th Dan Black Belt. He also acquired the knowledge of the healing systems of Reiki and Pranic Healing.


Signifying Sensei’s global reputation, students from various nationalities such as England, France, Netherlands and Australia, began to come to India particularly to receive training under Sensei and ASMA.


ASMA’s own training centre was established in Bopal, Ahmedabad.


Sensei imparted training in the “International Master’s Meet’ in the UK and was presented with the most prestigious ‘Kanchoship’ (Country Head) title.


Sensei received the "Saraswat" (Excellent Teacher’s) award from the hands of Governor of Gujarat.


ASMA conducted its mega Golden Jubilee Camp with around 150 participants in the lap of Mt. Girnar, Junagadh.


Sensei was honoured with the exceptionally rare 6th Dan Black Belt degree in London. Sensei also conducted the first International Retreat for foreign nationals in Ahmedabad.


Sensei’s milestone 50th birthday was celebrated in grand style with an array of events at ASMA and a special function.


In line with Sensei’s utmost desire to make the society safer, ASMA began conducting specialized Women’s Self Defense Workshops.


Sensei Nikhil delivered a talk on "Stress Management" in the reputed Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) institute, which was extremely well received by over 200 attendees.