Training. Adventure. Knowledge. Fun. ASMA CAMP!

The most special and unique ASMA experience are its Camps, which take place thrice every year (in June, during monsoon and after Diwali). The real essence of ASMA is found exclusively in the ASMA Camps.

Over the last 32 years, 60 ASMA Camps have been held in camp-sites rich with natural beauty, far away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Typically a 5- or 6-days long event, the Camp is filled with a wide spectrum of exciting activities, expertly designed by Sensei Nikhil Trivedi to impart the very best of training and knowledge to the students. Moreover ASMA's incredible culture ensures a family environment in which the students train, bond and revel harmoniously with each other!

Quite literally, 6 days of ASMA Camp = 6 months of martial art training.

The ASMA Camp is a chance to be in a 24-hour space with Sensei and the whole ASMA family, in which focused martial arts training sessions with high intensity take place. These martial arts include Karate, Kickboxing, Spirit Combat, Kung-fu, Tai chi and weapons training. Students train for long periods of time under the skilled guidance of Sensei and senior students, and hence grasp the techniques and principles of martial arts a lot faster.

Furthermore high-grade Karate exams, including Black Belt exams, are taken which in themselves are an inspiring sight and a big learning experience for one and all. These exams demand a lot of power, stamina, toughness, determination, body conditioning and technical prowess from the students.

There are a wide variety of other Camp sessions including: Yoga-Pranayama, meditation, trekking, rock climbing, target shooting, tree-climbing, camp fire and fun games. One of the most unique and valuable sessions are the knowledge sessions in which the students learn how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Sensei Nikhil talks about the importance of eating right, respecting our elders, family values, ill-effects of modern technology (Gadgets like TV, video games, internet), inspirational life stories, etc.

An amazing quality of each ASMA Camp is the close bond of brotherhood that develops between all the participating students. At the end of each Camp, it is a common sight to see emotional eyes and hear wishes that the Camp should go on forever!

Other than the two main camps, ASMA also offers monsoon camps which are short duration trips filled with fun and adventure in the nature. These camps have more focus on the fun element and can be attended by non martial arts practitioners as well!!

Hence, ASMA Camps aims for an all-round personality transformation of the student. They are devised to develop the student in all spheres of growth - physical, mental and character. In other words, the student learns to live a life of balance, harmony and positivity.

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